Spatial Design

India has a great repository of rich heritage and culture, but there are very few contemporary and engaging museums. Museums are very important part of society, which shares history, culture, and heritage of the country. Museums across the world are undergoing major changes; from merely holding historical artifacts, they are telling unique stories and experience.

Studio ABD’ has been creating unique public space installations and select museum designs in India. We are working on conceptualization, Industrial Design, Architectural Coordination, Art Direction and Graphic Design, Branding and Visual Identity, Content Development and Coordination, Exhibit Design, Interior Design, Retail Design, Script Writing, Wayfinding. Our spaces and installation design are about celebrating local culture and storytelling. Our highly qualified interdisciplinary team aims to provide the best design experience to our clientele.

The scope of designing in India is widespread and there are a number of cadres entering the space of industrial design in India. Studio ABD is no different but our highly qualified team aim to provide the best results to our clientele. Our team of professionals hails from different backgrounds and when they work as a team, they produce incredible results. The incessant attitude of the world towards museum design and industrial design in Bangalore has led to the innovation of many new techniques in the very area and Studio ABD has adapted those developments so that it can provide its clients with the best output.

The city of Bangalore is an IT hub as well as educational hub for the country and it witnesses a number of people rushing towards it in search of work. Studio ABD has hired professionals and designers from around the world so that when the final design is made, it looks like a blend of cultures to merge into the local ones. With Studio ABD, you will get nothing but the best.