Nebula Rambagh Palace Collection

A symbol of royalty and impeccable grace, ‘Rambagh Queen’ unfolds its elegant corolla of petals to reveal an immaculate time-piece. Inspired by the lotus fountain, the iconic symbol of Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, this maidenly watch shimmers with gracefully placed stones and layers of Mother of Pearl petals placed on each surface of the case. Just how limited is the limited edition Nebula? Well, exceedingly. In each of the 3 styles inspired by the Rambagh palace, there are only 49 uniquely numbered watches to be owned. Rare and precious, these watches are as exclusive as their royal inspiration. Project Deliverables :
  • – Understanding Segment
  • – Creating inspirational story
  • – Evolved craftsmanship
  • – Technology integration
  • – Engineering
  • – Prototype development
  • Lifestyle , Product
  • Titan Industries