Rise & Shine

Eastern Condiments wanted a unique packaging design to launch their idly dosa batter. Studio ABD chose to look at it as an opportunity to get into the shoes of the target audience and create a more human-centered design, thereby giving the client a definite edge over its competition. The challenge was to create a packaging solution for a product that was much healthier/fresher than it’s branded Ready-to-Cook counterparts and more consistent/reliable than its unbranded foils. It also had to fit seamlessly into the overflowing Indian refrigerator and yet be very ergonomic in its usage. Hence the sleek, unconventional stand-up pouch designed to stand out on the shelf and fit into a refrigerator door with equal ease. The communication story is ‘Rise & Shine’, that reflects the freshness and cheer associated with morning brilliance. Zestful, vibrant graphics impart a disruptively appetising appearance. Following the same visual architecture, Eastern is expanding its breakfast range with more delicacies, to spread the same joy this pack brought into the lives of its consumers.

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  • Eastern Condiments Pvt. Ltd