Nebula Umaid Bhavan Palace Collection

‘Umaid Bhavan King’ radiates the power of royalty in every detail. This bold time piece has a unique structure adorning the dial. Inspired by stone carvings of Umaid Bhavan, the watch tries to recreate the glory on various levels. The dial is inspired by the pattern seen on the floor beneath the main dome. Stone inlay work highlights the regal character of this watch. ‘Umaid Bhavan Queen’ captures the magic and beauty of the palm court, through the oval shaped case with its studded bezel ring. The petite links are inspired by stone carvings from Umaid Bhavan. This watch is royal expression at its elegant best. Image Courtesy: Titan Industries Project Deliverables :
  • – Understanding Segment
  • – Creating inspirational story
  • – Evolved craftsmanship
  • – Technology integration
  • – Engineering
  • – Prototype development
  • Lifestyle , Product
  • Titan Industries