We are a design consultancy

What we do

Studio ABD is a design consultancy specializing in innovation, packaging & environment design. We create meaningful and memorable design solutions that evolve brands and delight customers. Our interdisciplinary teams include industrial designers, business specialists, engineers, communications and graphic designers who create multifaceted experiences connecting people to brands in meaningful and emotional ways. With our decade long experience, cross segment exposure and brand maturity, we deliver exceptional service and had the opportunity to work with India’s best known brands.

What makes us different !

At Studio ABD, we design from our heart. Our designs connect deeply with the user by telling vivid and meaningful stories. Propelled by humor, craft, everyday situations, rich culture & rituals, we create unique product experiences that foster love and loyalty. We engage with brands right from the inception of an idea. We walk with our clients till their product reaches consumer’s hand. Qualitative, quantitative research, consumer aspirations, strict brand guidelines, R&D ‘dos and don’ts’, real vendor capabilities, costing, dummies, modifications to last minute supply chain issues,…. we deal with all of above and still deliver exceptional experiences. (with a smile) !

Who we are

The multidisciplinary team

Abhijit BansodFounder + Creative Director

A leading voice in Indian Design context,Abhijit believes, products are not just consumable but animated anecdotes, he seamlessly connects user, brand, trends & technology to create a 360 degree design experience.

Amrita Kaushal BansodCo-Founder + Director Design

Amrita is passionate about the wealth of detail that products with a cultural perspective must-have. She is committed to form, aesthetics, colors, warmth, harmony and how they imapct the emotional appeal of a product.

Georgie PaulDesign Consultant

A man of few words, his work speaks for itself. Under his genius creative direction, our young vibrant team gets the best grounding and contnue to create really exceptional work.

Vishakha AgarwalProject Manager

Vishakha's sweetness is so highly efficient that we don't realise how quickly we achieved deadlines. Without her, we'll all be lost wanderers in the studio.

Akhil SLead NPD

Akhil is Santa's big elf, whose excellent understanding of materials and processes lets him conjure up any concept sketch to life.

Madan KrishnaAsst. Manager- NPD + Admin

Maddy is the studio's Santa. A wizard at constructing anything. He always arrives with samples and prototypes—a true all-arounder.

Revathy MuruganGraphic Designer

The studio's magician, laying down masterpieces on the canvas with her apple-branded wand.

Mayukh DebGraphic Designer

Exceptionally calm and focused. Mayukh brings a unique rhythm to the studio with his brilliant ideas and a slight hint of perfectionism.

Roshan ShettyAssociate Finance

Roshan's dedication and hard work are contagious, as is his bright smile. He uses his love for painting to make numbers look easy on the eyes.

Gayathri VenkatesanAssociate People Experience

A friend first, and then our colleague. Gayathri will go out of her way to help you with any problems, be it work-related or personal.

Piyush KohliProduct Designer

Piyush never settles. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to explore and solve problems as creatively as possible.

Honey KhuranaGraphic Designer

Honey brings a blank artboard as well as the studio to life. Her mischief makes her the origin of the most inside jokes and gossip.

Karthik SQuality Engineer

Maddy's Rudolph Karthik makes the impossible possible. He'll go to any length to make our ideas a reality and ensure they're as perfect as we imagined them to be.

Our Business Model

Design Partnership

We partner with innovative businesses to co-create tangible design which seamlessly combine brand values, user’s cultural influences and a sense of progressiveness (material, form and technology). Our time tested design process fuses trends, technology and tradition to create unique products that emotionally connect with the user. We go beyond just profits and create wealth for our partners in terms of adding to the brand value and experience


We have special programs for small and medium enterprises so that they too can use power of design to make their businesses more competitive, and thus move from being just suppliers to brands. We take pride in calling ourselves Creative Venture Capitalist or CVC, and would be happy to creatively fund start-ups or small-scale organizations with design and brand requirements. We also have other commercial models tailored for these sectors

Social Design

We strongly believe in sharing our design experience with the society. We feel it’s important to expose and educate people about good design and hence raise awareness on good quality of life. There is a strong need to develop regional characters in our city’s public spaces to make each city a unique experience. Parks, public installations, street furniture, amenities are just few examples. We also constantly strive to work with craft sector to create new and relevant contemporary products

Award & Media

Our Workplace

Located in serene suburbs of Bangalore, our office is an open canvas which inspires us to think loud. The nature supports our ideas in all possible form, be it fully loaded chickoo, anjeer trees overlooking our studio to check if we are inspired enough or the sips of fresh coconut water direct from trees which acts as fuel for the creative minds.

Inspired to Join us?

We are always on a lookout for a dreamer, a good story teller, a visualizer and most importantly one who can dare to challenge the obvious! We are constantly on a lookout for designers, artists, engineers, brand strategists to be part of challenging projects & add spark to your folio

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