Havells Glamtube Collection

The light bulb moment for Classic Tubelight The batten lamp remained unchanged for almost a century. The classic long batten, gas-filled glass tube, choke and starter combo assembly evolved to LED in early 2000, but it remained the modest extruded form synonym to the essential functional lighting in typical middle-class homes. When people upgraded to new homes, they left home and the tube light behind. They moved to decorative wall lamps, which not only created elegant ambient mood light with its wash of illumination, it added a sense of pride and progressiveness.  When Havells approached Studio ABD to design a new collection of LED batten lamps, we followed our design philosophy of ‘Connecting Life & Design.’ We wanted to focus on genuine user insights of aspirations for decorative elements and combine mood lighting as an add-on feature. Studio ABD Product Design team pushed the boundaries of imagination in creating sculptures for the wall. It has the feature of switching functional lighting to mood lighting using the existing switch, so there is no need to replace any switches at home.  Havells Glamtube collection adds function and enhances a home’s beauty. It is energy-efficient and emits a soft, warm light, creating a soothing ambience. This stylish and modern lamp is easy to install on any wall, bringing sophistication and pride to Indian homes.  Aurora and Stella LED battens designed by Studio ABD helped Havells to stir the mundane batten category; these lamps are part of the best sellers from the Glamtube collection. They have become the new design benchmarks in the class.