New design experience

With a streamlined design process, material & process knowledge, prototyping we are able to deliver high on innovative, cost sensitive and manufacturing friendly engineering solutions while enhancing its design core


Studio ABD and Storm the Norm Venture work in collaboration to offer what is best for the client’s business. Studio ABD's creative expertise, design thinking and design strategy enhanced by StN's  methodology help clients figure out 'what next' for brands. • Cultural DNA • Consumer insights and consumer motivations • Design research and design strategy • Co-creation workshop • Brainstorming & ideation



Technology is blurring the line between tangible and intangible. We, at Studio ABD, understand this trend. Using this thorough understanding we integrate Culture of Aesthetics as a part of everyday life by smartly fusing technology, powerful engineering, emerging trends and cultural cues to come up with simple products, which change the quality of life!

• Ideation

• Design development

• Embedded technology

• Product analysis

• Human factor

• Product architecture

• Scenario building

• Realistic renderings



We are PRO-cupids in making customers fall in love with our drapes for products by seamlessly fusing branding, graphics & structure to give desired shape to the packaging. Our process helps clients to reduce expense & time required for product to reach the customer.

• Product Branding

• Label Design

• Structural Design

• Photography / illustration/ styling

• POS Design

• Color analysis & coding

• CFM Specification sheet

• Packaging design manual



Strong engineering capabilities and indepth knowledge of materials & processes have always supported our design endeavors. Our engineering design and development process adheres to the principles of DFA,DFM, Structural Analysis, New Material research. With a streamlined design process, we are able to delivers high on innovation, cost sensitive and manufacturing friendly solutions while enhancing its design core.

• Mockups

• Working prototype

• Simulation & testing

• Packaging samples

• Rapid prototypes

• Substrate test prints

• Shrink sleeve prototype

• Silicon moulds

• Engineering analysis

• Packaging expert connect



At Studio ABD we also take up delivery of the batch production or bring expertise to create vendor /CAPEX solutions for the brands. We hand hold brands till the products reaches consumers hand and make sure that design intent is not lost during manufacturing phase.

• Vendor network development

• Packaging expert network

• Production support

• Manufacturing & supply for trophy

• Manufacturing & supply for home accessories

• Develop working electro-mechanical prototypes

• Production supervision