Baygon – Packaging Refresh

Revitalizing a Timeless Brand through Expert Design Baygon, a renowned name in the pest control industry, sought to reclaim its leadership position by undergoing a transformative packaging redesign. Our goal at Studio ABD was to refresh the brand’s visual identity, ensuring it resonated with modern consumers while preserving its core essence. The challenge was to strike a balance between contemporary relevance and brand familiarity. By streamlining visual elements, we enhanced brand recall and introduced a singular narrative centred around the concept of ‘aim and kill.’ Including a crosshair focused attention on the product’s core proposition, reinforcing its value. Through a clear messaging hierarchy, bold and impactful copy, and strategic brand colour coding, we created an expert and professional appearance for Baygon on store shelves. Our approach harmoniously blended the brand’s heritage with evolving consumer aspirations, resulting in a packaging identity that exudes elegance while staying true to the brand’s values. At Studio ABD, we take great pleasure in collaborating with heritage brands, revitalizing their packaging identity with a refined fusion of brand heritage and the changing desires of consumers.