Ascan Biometer

Echorule pro is a portable eye scanner- Ascan Biometer. The design process was preceded by a thorough user study, so as to understand the usability aspects of the device. The styling of the device brings a fresh perspective into the domain of medical products, without compromising on the seriousness of its purpose. An important achievement of this design its compactness. Studio ABD worked closely with the technical team at Biomedix and the manufacturer to optimize the configuration and fitment of functional components. Serviceability being a key concern, our engineering team employed ingenious techniques to address the manufacturing challenges. We also contributed to the graphical user interface (GUI) in a significant way. This was a challenging task, considering the small size of touch display and bulk of information to be communicated to the user. The screen flow was optimized for clarity and efficiency. Key screens were designed keeping in mind readability, hierarchy of information, ease of touch interaction and professional appearance.

Project Deliverables:
– Design development
– Technology integration
– Engineering
– Prototype development
  • Product
  • BioMedix Optotechnik & Devices Pvt.