Brita MyPure

Brita GmbH invited Studio ABD to design a new range of premium water purifiers. The challenge was to find elegant balance in a new product which fuses global German brand, new technology, and Indian context.  
The minimal sculpted design character was created to keep it simple and focus on perfection.  Water purity suggested through white, chrome, transparency in design and black display band suggested filtration process.  Simple UI alerts the info like Filter life, Change and Emergency info like Failure cause & Customer care no in case of malfunction. The water dispensing button (max7) is kept at a lower height to make sure there is easy access when it is mounted on the wall.
Studio ABD created an entire product experience for the brand, from product to packaging design. 
Brita Mypure series is ode to a true German perfection and Indian sensibilities. 
  • Design strategy
  • Product design
  • Engineering Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Print collaterals