DND Airmax Coil Diffuser

Even with modern day advancements in mosquito repellent technology, a large chunk of our country still relies on the inexpensive, rustic Mosquito Coil. While it’s a tried and tested solution to the mosquito problem in our country, it lacks an aspirational quality. Is there a way to upgrade the mosquito coil, keeping it reasonably priced, but make it look more progressive on the outside? The DND Airmax brings about a modern feel to an age-old, indigenous solution. While making it look incredibly desirable (without pinching the pocket), it even boosts the mosquito coil’s performance.
The DND Airmax tweaks the way a mosquito coil works, allowing it to spread its fumes invisibly, effectively, and with a lower risk of a fire hazard. The product houses the mosquito coil on a mesh plate with a fan underneath it. The fumes are pushed outwards in a 360° span and made virtually invisible when they pass through the uniquely alluring grill pattern.The DND Airmax runs on a battery, allowing you to use it outdoors (where it’s needed the most), while it even comes with a cable for charging or plug-and-use applications.Project Deliverables :
  • – Ideation
  • – Design development
  • – Technology integration
  • – Engineering
  • – Prototype development