Ezetap MPOS

In a country rapidly entering a digital economy, the Ezetap MPOS stands at the top of the pyramid with a design that looks incredibly sleek, inspires trust, and performs well to deliver on the promise of a secure transaction. It does all this at 1/3rd the size of any other POS in the market.
The MPOS is designed to convey robustness and reliability. Its black and chrome design looks cutting edge, giving the user the feeling of progressiveness. The capacitive touch keypad allows the device to be a mere 12mm thick. It comes with a reverse bubble pattern that guides the user’s fingers to the correct key, allowing them to type in their IPIN accurately. The slim MPOS enables users to carry their entire business in their pockets. All you need is the Ezetap, a Smart device, and an internet connection to set up shop anywhere, and maintain digital records of all transactions.
Project Deliverables :
  • – Ideation
  • – Design development
  • – Technology integration
  • – Engineering
  • – Prototype development