Mubhi Nakshatraa

Mubhi, by Studio ABD, celebrates the Indian aesthetic sensibility that stems from the magic of the past mingled with the earthen rush of contemporary living. Mubhi fulfils the aspirations of the global citizens who are in tune with their local heritage and universal values. Nakshatraa – the tree of lights – standing tall with its blend of two distinct handicraft styles brings the aura of a constellation into your home. Thirty-two impeccable rose-gold flowers light up with candles inside them, illuminating your home and ambience with their beautiful glow. The topmost chamber holds dhoop or incense, while the beaten metal base plate at the bottom can have flowers or clay lamps suspended in water. A central column meticulously spun out of seasoned Ankudu wood attracts the eye with its palette of vibrant natural hues.
A stellar experience with and even without the lights!