Paperboat Windmill Gift Box

Paper Boat drinks are more than just flavoured beverages. Every flavour brings back timeless childhood memories that we long to relive. The gift pack is an extension of this brand philosophy. Nothing says happiness more than a child running with a paper windmill. This box captures that energy and pure joy, reminding us of our carefree childhood days. The top of the box depicts a paper windmill, capturing the energy and vibrancy of childhood memories frozen in time. The sides take us on a joyride through an imagined windmill forest, complete with windmill trees, chirping birds, and the brand’s merriment. All of the elements are imagined to keep with the Paper Boat style. Simple, innocent, minimal and quirky!

Project Deliverables –
  • •   Ideation
  • •   Illustration
  • •   Tin box design development
  • •   Prototype development