Pupa (concept)

All beetles go through a complete metamorphosis. As these insects grow from egg to adult it sheds its skin several time. The colourful adult emerges from the resting stage pupa.Pupa is human driven bicycle which is assisted by electrical power ( solar energy). Pupa represents the same stage ( as bugs) in the evolution of bicycles, from skeleton to lively, beautiful form. Like bugs it is an exoskeleton body. The body itself holds all the parts together. Pupa is unique in two ways: First, it offers the most comfortable and effortless bicycling experience for day today life. It also, combines shelter from the sun and the rain. Secondly, the bug like form forms a very close personal relationship with user. These both the things can give bicycling a new dimension and can gain popularity against the other mode of transports. Pupa makes bicycling a pleasure and fun