Traditionally Trendy

With 2000 years of continuous living, India has enthralled the world with its rich collection of enchanting epics and royal intrigue spruced with spice and silken splendor. OneVeranda’s fashion collection brings that regal glory to the 21st century, giving it a contemporary avatar while retaining India’s rich traditional flavour. The Winged Elephant beautifully depicts the fusion of heritage and modern. It takes inspiration from the elephant carvings on the Ajanta caves (also immortalized on the 3p postal stamp). The wings give the elephant a dreamy, whimsical character that differentiates it and makes it instantly memorable. While the elephant is depicted as ‘taking off’, its block printed style roots it to India’s strong craftsmanship culture. The Logo, Color Palette and Branding, all come together in a perfect concoction for the brand that aims at letting one “take home a bit of India”.