IFA Berlin Trend Report 2017

IFA history dates back to 1924. In its 7th edition, Eienstien showcased the prototype of television. The spirit of innovation still continues at IFA with small and mega brands showcasing newer innovation in digital and home appliances.

VR is getting immersive

After every 1-2 blocks, you could find someone with Virtual Reality goggles, from merry, go round to massage chair for meditation VR was everywhere. The Samsung created amazing VR experience using Samsung 8 phone. The phone VR is reaching its maturity and sooner than later we will find amazing VR experiences on a mobile phone, beyond mere joyride games…

Robots are everywhere

From lego inspired DIY robots, tiny little superheroes,  eye-winking cute faced to humanoid; Robots were everywhere in various shapes and sizes. Simple app based programming makes them super easy to customize. Soon we will find them in the real world either airports assisting you or delivering food at restaurants or at home.

Projecting future

Entertainment technology has really evolved in terms of flexible, thin displays and interactive projections which can make any surface your control or interactive space. The new smart projection systems will surely change the way we interacted with information.

Its all about IOT

Connected homes is a reality, fridge got ts own 24-inch touch screen monitor and even your iron. Home security, gadgets, entertainment, appliances all are now connected and orchestrating your activities seamlessly. It will be interesting to see how the internet of things takes a shape in the Indian context.

Food for Technology

Kitchen platforms with smart induction coils, which allows you to cook, warm your food at any location with projected control features for all the devices in the kitchen. Artificial lighting for your kitchen garden will make sure that you will always get fresh herbs from your own kitchen garden anytime.

Happy colours are back!

It was good to see bold colours in the industry otherwise dominated by boring white/ grey/ black/ steel colours. Changeable colours panels for fridge may sound awesome to many brands in India and hope there will be a great alternative to our lovely MAROON colour.